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March 28, 2009

A fun time yesterday at the WDSN Sunny 106 Kids Fair.    Thanks go out to Marge Slawson,Chris Slawson, Andrew Slawson, Charley Reynolds, Rich Bevan – and how can I forget myselfand Lindsey Schoening.  There were 1,300 people there; easily 500 kids – most of them between the ages of eight and fifteen.  A lot of good contacts, looking ahead to next year.  Like always, a lot of interest in the Soap Box Derby.  Many of this year’s entrants stopped by to say Hello.

March 26, 2009

The DuBois Area Soap Box Derby was "On the Air" this morning!

WDSN Sunny 106 Morning Show Host Kevin Brown with DuBois Area Derby Director Marc Dinsmore, 14 yr old Super Stock Driver Joe Maleski sponsored by Pennsylvania Lt Governor Joe Scarnati, and DuBois Area Soap Box Derby Secretary-Treasurer Roland Bechtel. DuBois Area Derby Director Marc Dinsmore with WCED News Talk 1420 Morning Magazine host Gary Stormer, 14 yr old Super Stock Driver Joe Maleski sponsored by Pennsylvania Lt Governor Joe Scarnati, and the DuBois Area Soap Box Derby Secretary-Treasurer Roland Bechtel.

February 28, 2009

Your Soap Box Derby Committee hopes that everyone was able to benefit from the Car Build Clinic this past Saturday.  There was nearly perfect attendance on the part of our 30 race car drivers.  Two were excused for being absent.  They were, however, well represented by an adult family member.  In one case, a mother.  And, in the other case, a father.  A huge THANK-YOU goes out to everyone for abiding by the mandatory rules of the Committee and attending the Clinic.  We truly expect to have a safer race because of it. And, together, we give a loud voice of THANKS to George Rodenbaugh, our Regional Director from the national organization, and his assistant, Bob Gallaher, from New Castle, PA.  These two men did a great job.  Everyone knows a lot better what to look for and what to expect.
George Rodenbaugh, Regional Director, National All-American Soap Box Derby conducts the first modern day Car Build Clinic at Stoltz Toyota on Beaver Drive in DuBois, PA. Thirty (30) driver participants and their adult advisors were in attendance.
Ready to Build – Charley Reynolds of the DuBois Area All American Soap Box Derby Committee and Rebecca Miller, 14, of DuBois review some of the specifics of building a derby car at the Stoltz garage on Beaver Drive.  The 30 local racers attended the car building clinic Saturday to learn the proper way to build a car.  From this point on, each youth racer and a parent or other adult will be responsible to build the car together.  Race day is slated for June 20 on West Long Ave. in DuBois.(Photo by Katie Weidenboerner, C-E)

January 20, 2009

L to R:  Suzanne & Pastor Jim Miller, WCED’s Gary Stormer, Rebecca Miller, Nathan Miller and Roland Bechtel

Soap Box Derby featured on WCED 1420

Community Spotlight host Gary Stormer interviews two race car drivers

Earlier this morning Gary Stormer, host of Community Spotlight News - talk 1420 WCED, interviewed two participants in this year's up-coming DuBois Area All-American Soap Box Derby.  They were Rebecca Miller (14) and her brother Nathan Miller (9).  Rebecca will be driving her Gortech Global Fab. car in the Super-Stock Division on Race Day, Saturday June 20, 2009.  Nathan will be driving for S&T Bank and hoping for a win in the Stock Car Division.  Their parents, Pastor Jim & Suzanne Miller of the First Methodist Church in DuBois, assisted them in their appearance at the WCED studios.   Also assisting with an explanation of Derby Registrations and Sponsorships was Roland Bechtel, Secretary - Treasurer of the local Soap Box Derby Committee.


January 11, 2009

We want to take this moment to thank everyone that braved the weather to come out for our Perpetual Plate of pasta at Luigi's!  All of those that helped work the event, and all of those that came to support us by enjoying a great meal all helped to make this a great success.  John Kness was the lucky winner of the 50/50 drawing.

DuBois Mall Display - January 9 & 10, 2009


December 2008 - Shop N Save Display

Standing behind the Reynolds - Nathan Lee Super Stock race car is derby supporter Don Fezell of Fezell's Shop N Save in DuBois, and to his left is derby car sponser and Race Day Sponser Charley Reynolds of Reynold's Financial Advisors in DuBois.  The Super Stock race car will be displayed at Shop N save through the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

November 8, 2008 Single-Car Time Trials

On November 8th single-car time trials were conducted on the West Long Avenue track, from the top of the hill in the vicinity of Evergreen, Howard and Chestnut to the finish line 630 feet below at the bottom of the race hill.  The car, driven by Nate Lee (age 13) crossed the finish line in approx. 30 seconds at a speed approaching 22 mph.  The trials were conducted to allow the Committee to witness and evaluate the physical parameters of the race track.  The data and information collected will be used to refine subsequent race planning preparatory to the full fledged trial runs by all race car drivers which are set for next June 6th, two weeks before race day.


This is a picture from the test run.  Driver Nate Lee is getting ready to start in his Super Stock SBD Car.  Kneeling next to Nate is DuBois City Mayor Herm Suplizio.  Nate will be driving for Reynolds Financial Advisors.  Other race car drivers left to right behind Nate and Mayor Herm are Kevin Sullivan, driving for Dunlap Lawn & Garden Equipment; Connor Fitzwater, racing for Timberland FCU; Emily Chambers, competing for QPS Data-Forms; Rebecca Miller, driving for Gortech Global Fabrications; and Nathan Miller, unattached at the moment.


From left to right with DuBois Mayor Herm Suplizio are race car drivers Kevin Sullivan, Emily Chambers, Rebecca Miller, Nathan Miller, Nate Lee (behind car), and Connor Fitzwater seated in the car.
From left to right in front are Kevin Sullivan, Connor Fitzwater, Nathan Miller and Emily Chambers.  Behind them are Nate Lee and Rebecca Miller.


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